Code of Ethics
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Code of Conduct


The security personnel of GEEKAY SECURITY STRICTLY OBSERVE that they :

  • Are always smartly turned out and vigilant.
  • Are punctual and arrive 15 min. before the start of their shifts/duties.
  • Take charge of their duties properly and thoroughly.
  • Read and understand their site and post instructions for strict compliance and instructions given to them from
    time to time.
  • Perform their duties honestly and sincerely.
  • Extend respect to all the managers and staff.
  • Do not speak or listen against own or client’s organization.
  • Shall not drink alcohol on duty or come drunk on duty.
  • Will not gossip or chitchat while on duty or indulge in loose talk.
  • Will never sleep or relax on duty post.
  • Will not read newspaper or magazine while on duty.
  • Will not leave duty post without having been properly relieved.
  • Will immediately report if any untoward incident / misconduct or misbehavior occurs on site to the respective concerned contact person.
  • Endeavor to develop ability to :
    • Remember important telephone Nos. and other related telephone Nos.
    • Location and movement plans, Evacuation plan.
    • Foresee next day’s events and their repercussion on security duty so as to prepare themselves accordingly.
  • When any Doubt approach will contact the concerned personnel immediately.