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About EIPR


GEEKAY Security Services (P) Ltd. Verification Services is a constituent of EIPR Group – www.eiprgroup.com.

Who is EIPR?

EIPR is Asia’s largest investigation agency specializing in anti-counterfeiting solutions. We are in the field of combating the growing menace of counterfeit goods and products by offering services such as IPR Investigations, Grey marketing evaluations, Pretext purchases, Litigations support and Multi Jurisdictional Raid Actions.

EIPR Mission

EIPR Group is a leading global provider of a broad range of specialized products and services designed to supply solutions to a variety of security and information needs.

EIPR provides governments, businesses and individuals with information, analysis, training, advice and products to mitigate the growing risks associated with white -collar crimes, misuse of property, intrusions to computer networks, e-commerce site construction and usage, fraud, physical attacks, threats, violence, and uninformed decisions based upon incomplete or inaccurate information. The Company is organized into primary business groups :

  • Investigations and Intelligence Group
  • I.P.R. Security and Services Group
  • Safety Management nad Guarding Property Group.

The Investigations and Intelligence Group provides intellectual property protection and investigation, fraud investigations, due diligence, litigation support, computer forensics and GEEKAY Security Services (P) Ltd. consulting services as well as providing business intelligence gathering and analysis to corporations, financial institutions, law firms and governments.